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We provide professional dryer vent cleaning and repairs.

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 Dryer Vent Specialists and More, LLC provides services that protect your family and property from fire hazards and extend the life of your dryer 

We are a family owned business in Delray Beach, Florida that is focused on helping people and companies save money while saving energy.


  • Save $20.00 - $30.00 per month on your utility bills
  • Protect from water damage and mold due to condensation build up
  • Reduce risk for a fire due to lint build up
  • Clothes dried faster!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Dryer Vent Specialists and More, LLC uses the Rovac System which is the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry.  Using the combination of suction from a three motor Hepa Filter Vacuum and rotating brushes, the dangerous lint is safely removed from the vent line and the dryer itself.  The Rovac System also contains tools to remove any blockages due to lint or birds.  This helps to prevent water leaks due to condensation building up in the dryer vent line which leads to mold and property damage. 

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Serving Palm Beach and Broward County for all your dryer vent cleaning and dryer vent repairs.

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